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Medicare Beneficiary Eligibility Inquiries (270/271)

CMS has made changes to its Information Technology Infrastructure to address standards for Medicare Beneficiary Eligibility Inquiries to implement the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). CMS will provide a HIPAA compliant 270/271 health care eligibility inquiry and response on a real-time transaction.

Clearinghouses and Providers are required to complete a Trading Partner Agreement (TPA) before transmitting 270/271 transactions over the CMS Extranet. Internet access to 270/271 is not available at this time. For more details, please review the HETS 270/271 Companion Guide provided in the Downloads section below.

Note: Dial-up connectivity is not allowed for direct access to this system.

Before you begin:

Please review the entire form before beginning to ensure you have the right resources and information available to you to complete the form in its entirely. In order to complete this form, your organization must have a CMS Extranet connection through an approved Network Service Vendor (NSV). If you are uncertain what this means, please review the information available online at HETSHelp under the 'How to Get Connected-HETS 270/271' section before attempting to complete the application. Access to the HETSHelp website can be found under the Related Links Inside CMS section below.